Saturday, July 2, 2016

Transfer to otopeni airport

I was in deep problerms as I needed a very fast transfer to the Otopeni airport from Bucharest - so I have tried to call a couple of comapnies, but no one was very responsive. I have tried to find some taxi drivers, but again, I had no luck in doing this.

After a couple of phone calls to several business associates I have managed to find someone for 5 minutes, only to find out at the last possible minute that he will be unable to give me a ride to the airport - I have to be onest here and to tell the truth - so I have panicked, as I was 100% sure that I will not find a cab or any kind of car that would give me a ride to the airport.

But guess what... I had a moment of calm and inspiration and made a search on google - a simple search on that search engine was the key to my problem solving - so again, as google always knows better, the search engine showed me an ad, I clicked on the ad an found the rent car with driver website.

Then... I just called and quickly found a very helpfull person that proposed me not to panic and promosed that I won't loose my plane. So those guis were real professionals, they came very quick at my adress with a luxury MErcedes car (that I am really enjoying) and drove me to the airport very fast and very safe at the same time.

Then, when I have arrived at the airport (on time) it was clear that I really found the professionals that I was searching for in the matter of airport transfers and transport in Bucharest.

I highly recommend them as a highly professional team.


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