Friday, June 24, 2016

Improve marketing efficiency by using software

Using a virtual tour software that allows a real estate agency to create beautifull listings is only the first step in a successfull marketing strategy.

The real estate agency should also take in consideration the marketing efforts needed to promote and sell each property. For instance, targeting:
- search engine optimisation (if possible)
- doing search engine marketing (or search engine advertising as it is called on other markets)
- doing the right efforts in the social media area

I am going to try and present below a couple of tips related to social media optimisatin of your listings and of your newly created virtual tours.

Try to reach and engage your right audience

Answer questions, contribute to public debates, online communities and social media events. Don’t let your audience wait for your answers or for your help. This is how you state that you value clients and you’re open to new ones all the time.

Publish your content at the right momment of the day

You will have to make a study -  to test the hours of the day when your audience is most active. Be there when they are there too. Remember that saying – ‘give them what they need and a little bit more’. Don’t forget to build a  brand and always promote it.

Be professional

You have to be the professional your audience is searching for and think about people that don’t know you and get to your page for the first time. Keep in mind that it is crucial to know what do they need to see to pick up the phone and call you? This is one of those must-do exercises – the customer persona exercise, when you put yourself in your customers’ shoes and decide a common pattern of behavior. This info should help you get to perfection your marketing strategies.